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you're helping protect 
all living things

every order gets us closer to phasing out chemiluminescence 

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Powered with Bioluminescent Enzymes

Fully Biodegradable Shell leaves no trace 

Meets NATO standards for brightness and duration

Simple crack and shake to activate

Multi-Use Hook Design for all your adventures

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First come first serve. Early Bird pricing applied until April 2024. Shipping June 2024.

Future of light images - website and instagram (13).png

The Lux Model 1 is the ultimate chem light replacement.
Traditional chemical lights (aka chem lights or glow sticks) are dangerously toxic and harmful to the environment.

We fixed all that.

Built to meet NATO standards, it is perfect for all outdoor activities and emergency situations.

Available in Firefly Yellow. 6 hour glow. Fully home and marine compostable.

Lux Model 1

For all life's adventures

Outdoor Adventure and Emergency Preparedness

Scuba Diving 

and Swimming

Sport, Recreational, and Commercial Fishing

Events, Concerts, Festivals and Parties

STEM Education

and more

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How it works

Powered with bioluminescence and biomaterials 


Bioluminescent Light